about Sue Hirsch

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I grew up in Marin County and got my AA at Stephens College in MO. I didn't really know what I wanted from college, after that, so I worked for a while through temp services, and lived with a really great woman back in my hometown of Novato. She brought work home with her a lot and one evening had a very stiff and painful neck. I rubbed her neck, and the pain lines in her face eased, and she told me that that was what I should do. I'd found my calling.

My parents weren't thrilled with my idea of becoming a massage therapist. My parents also weren't so thrilled when I realized that I was psychic and wanted to use it in my work as a massage therapist.

Their disapproval made me reticent about using my gift, in my work, as a CMT. Eventually I did start to guide people using my gift and people began to seek me out for that extra something that made my massages a bit different from other massages.

After a while, Wellness Coaching began to seem like a natural off-shoot of what I was already doing, and my husband gave me the courage to try a Life Coaching course. In 2013, I was certified as a Wellness Coach by the IFC and began hosting a talk radio show called 100 People You Should Know.

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Recently, I came to realize that I've been very lucky to know the people that I've been interviewing on my radio show for over a year, and that other people could greatly benefit by knowing these same professionals. These are professionals who have been improving our community through their work. Sometimes these experts are not well known and sometimes their work is very misunderstood. At my live event, Grow Yourself - Grow a Cause, attendees will have a chance to meet some of the professional experts who have been featured on my radio show.

Please help me to make my event a success by joining me at Lydia's for the kick-off on May 31 and at the subsequent events. Please see the calendar of events with their respective speakers.