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In my 13+ years as a CMT, I've connected with lots of interesting clients and fellow professionals. Each new relationship cemented in my mind, the certainty that happy people stay healthier than unhappy people. I researched my idea, and found that it was actually a well known fact, backed by many scientific studies.

I came to understand from my own life journey and working with my own Life Coach that being happy doesn't just happen. It takes some thought and energy, to be happy, every day. It also takes working on each aspect of your life to turn it into something that you really enjoy, rather than something that you are merely "tolerating".

Being happy in your relationships to yourself and others plays a key role in your over-all wellness, as those relationships effect every aspect of your life. The same holds true for your work and work out routine, as well as your spiritual life.

As you go through your life, relating to others along the way, they will draw you into their world, as much as you draw them into yours. You may find yourself going along with them on their spiritual journeys, or as they reach out to connect with and help others in the community. In this way, relationships and spirituality through volunteering become over-lapping aspects of your general wellness, and, of course intersect with the wellness of your community.

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My particular journey of reaching out to help improve the wellness of my community currently includes authoring a soon to be published book called: The Journey Starts Where?! Choice and the Adventure of Life, hosting a talk radio show called 100 People You Should Know, and organizing and hosting the spin-off event of my radio show called Grow Yourself - Grow a Cause: Community Wellness Speaker Series. I hope that you will join me at Lydia's for the Gala Kick-Off of that event on the evening of May 31, 2014.

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